Tuesday, June 22, 2010


you see the thing about summer is...well, the thing about summer is it makes me itch....!!!! I itch before it comes in anticipation for longer days and longer walks, and then i itch because of pollens and grass and things that sensitive people like me get sensitive to... and then i go to the parks and get in the waters which make me itch becuaswe the waters nowadays is filled with not just water but things that are made by the rich people in the world who itch i think for more money. so they invent these checmicals to make things better and faster and somehow their itching for success has trickeled down the creek to my collar and is making me itch. so i go home and take a bath to gret rid of my chejmiacal success and i feel better....much much better and my two dads give me pizza crust because they thingk i'm miserable but i'm not...i just look that way to get the pizza crust...I love summer, now i'm itching thinking about it going away....*umph*...love, boo

Monday, December 08, 2008

Holidays Suck

well, here it is the holidays.  another wonderful time to be left alone while the familie is out drinking and socializing and workshoping.  i hate this time of year,  i look out the window and see those walking by and laughing and caroling while i watch re-runs of wonderful life.  Things NOT to get me for this christmas, kwanzaa, honica, pagan people holiday, and others:   No more stupid outfits,  no more DVD's that are boring about the world trying to save poluution or green stuff.  No more stupid calendars of my relative.  no more pats on the heads with no treats.  no more parties with strangers and friends that don't care and please please please do not by me another carperter's christmas album.  we have two already.  thanks to all, have a wonder holiday..  Boo

Friday, September 05, 2008

The world in Review

Good Day fellow pugs. Today is the 5 of September in the made up year of 2008. Today''s headlines China has finally finished showing that they have more money and performers than Cirque de Solay and and hoping to host the olympics every year winter and summer. Georgia and Russian are still at a stand still and currently all parties involved have un-facebooked themselves and each other. There's a woman hurrican coming called hanna who definetly is bringing gifts of hurricane parties and wet t shirt contests. The writing team Conner/Brink/Dean are back at it and writing a show about pizza. The king of pizza. it sounds yummy and fattening. Finally, there are two people running for the slot of president of the united states PTA and this one guy looks like Timmy the Turtle and this other guy looks like a black Ken. They don't really do much but talk about each other and make fun of each other's outfits and the usage of words in sentences. I'm Boo Boo Reporting From Shirleyville, Back to you Fido

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today is july something. i'm not really sure where the time has gone. I apologize for apsence but I took a nap back in march and somehow no one woke me up. i'm now back on track. There isn't a picture because i've lost 22 pounds. i now weight 1. I can't walk very well because i'm draggin some of my skin which really hurts and my breath smells like a cat may have moved in. Anyway, i'm glad i woke up. It's funny. my dads didn't even notice. They're so self consumed with their sad artisan bohemian lives that they didn't realize i hadn't moved in like 5 months. oh well. i'm not pissed. but speaking of piss, i, like, wow, i used the bathroom liked for what seemed like an hour. anyway, i'm back on track all you pug friends on pug-book. Excited to see what's left of summer. And believe you me, i'm not gonna be napping any time soon. as a matter of fact i'm gonna sit right here at this dirty window and watch things go by until........like.........until maybe next week sometime. who knows. oh, wait, now i know. wait, it was february, i was having a crazy allergy attack and my festive roommates gave me an allergy pill and, oh god, i took a swig of that bottled stale yingling water stuff and , oh god, that must have been what happend. i passed out. it was like a pug roofy. we call it a poofy. o god how embarrasing. Well, now i'm depressed. no one missed me for five months. five monthsssssss. humpp. well, what's five months? it's just a mere semester in the grand college term of life. but shit, i've got to get caught up on "lost". peace out, pugs, and don't mix little pink pills with stale smelly bottled beer water. -------------------Boo

Saturday, February 23, 2008

February Sucks

Well, here it is fellow dog lovers and dogs. The "I can't wait til spring" post. Firstly, February is a joke. Valentine's Day came and went and of course i was lover-less. plus i'm allergic to chocolate which always complicates things. Secondly, who are these weathermen and women on the telvision? Are they serious? Why does anyone even bother listening? They are never right, they have predicted snowstorms like three time and all it does it bring in excess milk and bread into my already stocked pizza hut hut. Thirdlee, my paretns are working on a new show called kissed by the spider-one-man show and they are never home. which is very very good and very very bad. What's good, is i've got the house all to myself. what's bad is therr's really nothing to do. i can't use the remote because of the not so paw friendly buttons. i can't cook for fear the boys will get mad and there' no one to play with. Fourthly, I think any moth that doesn't have the decency to have at least 30 days should be voted out like the pluto planet. And Fifthly and finally I'm so sick and tired to listening to Hillarious Clinton and Borat you mama argue about how the world should vote them into be super heros it's making my little felt ears hurt. Anyway, i'm cool, just can't wait until March. At least there's a really cool drinking holiday and also the celebrations of Julius Caesar's murder by Brutus. Stay warm, lick some soup, watch some cooking channel (when someone else puts it on of course) and have a great rest of the month. all my love, never hesitate, cats are silly, i can't beleive the beagle won best in show this year. OH GOD, MARCH, TAKE ME AWAY!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Delaware is for Pugs and Lovers

Well, folks. that's right. I just got back from the beach. And look close. No leash. woo hoo!!!!!!!!!! It was the most incredible feeling in the world. finally like in the movie escape from alcatraz I didn't care what happened, my spirit was finally free. Oh to be able to poop without the tug on the back of my neck. To pee and not have to balance extra chord. to run and not look back. to breath in the nasty smellin fishy air without contraint. It was glorious. Fen lickk Island is located just north of oshun city and south of doo ee. There was this cool light tower flashight thing that was a beacon of light in the night. I would highly recommended a vacation like this for any of you fellow dogs who like to do things off leash. the down side was there weren't any hot chicks. oh well. i just hung out with the dynamic duo. They watched lots of movies by jon watters and ate and ate and ate. However there are still a few rules one has to obey at the beach.

RULE NUMBER ONE: No dancing like a nelly. This has been outlawed since smelly Nelly fairbanks of Nantucket ruined it for everyone here in Della ware in 1818. Dad insisted on being

a rebel and show everyone that this is a stupid rule. If caught we would have had to pay 5 dollars and a bag of tabacco or something like that. That's me in the far left trying looking for the Nelly patrol.

RULE NUMBER TWO. No signs of affection. This is a very serious law. No one is allowed to smile or hold hands or even tell knock knock jokes. we were simply just suppost to walk and look and observe the land. The pentalty for this was two nights in the flashlight tower house. As you can see this rule was broken as well. this is us clearly showing signs of affection. Right after this picture was taken we immediately went back to staring at the beach as if one of us had dropped a nickel. I saw some boys and girls showing signs of affection but i think they must have been foreigners. P.S.. in this shot you can see the parents bought me a new vest/collar/sweater thing. It's kinda of cool.. it's stretchy and is real comfy.

RULE NUMBER 3: Never Ever Ever eat a clam that is bearded. Beards were common in the Amish who drove buggies and sold cheese. Clams that have grown up amish no-a-days is a sign of a clam that has sat in the same stagnant water for too long. this i'm sure produces of taste of boredom and untraveled. anyway Rule number 3.

Rule number 4: No writing on the beach. this is for apparent reasons. any thing written could be mis read and cause a plane or boat distress as they might think the writing is SOS. We wrot this very quickly and then erased it not to cause any delawareans alarm. it say Buddha likes Pizza. I should have wrote SOS just to see what would have happened. what is i meant. send over sausage. or she's over sized or simple orange sandles or sing out soft or shit oliver shit or sand on sissies or salt on saltines or sued over something. i'm mean think about it folks.

Lastly Rule Number Five: No Loitering. This causes people to wonder and wondering causes people to think and realize that they might be not thinking about other things. The fine is an old fashioned pink belly and a zerbert. We actually didn't realize we were even loitering until it was too late. Luckily no pink belly zerbert was issued but we probably lucked out. I actually may not have minded the zerbert. And to honest i'm not actually loitering if you look closerly you'll see that i'm aleaning a little and in the middle of changin positions. probably smelt the pizza from acrross the street. Which by the way, we had lovely lovely pizza all weekend. it was great. so there it is. the january excurshion. I would hightly recomment this vacation for those in need with a little beauty, a little sand and can put up with a few old fashioned rules. it's very well worth it. But before I go a few tips. Pack some socks, my pads almost fell off. Pack some ear plugs, the drinking noise level can get rather loud around the sleeping hours. And pack a map, man oh man was i mostly confused the whole trip wonderig where the heck i'd been. all my love and peace and hope for a better pug world. and remember when you hold in a stinker you're saving the gas levels of the earth and might have just saved the life of a chicken. enjoy the pics-Boo

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

what an uneventful year.........................

I have never slept so much in my life. what a snooze fest. 2007. no new wars. no end to wars. no new foods. nothing interesting. strike strike and more strikes. we had more strikes this year than Bowl America down on Edsall Rd. no crazy inventions. it seems to me my fellow pugsters that the world is at a pause, a lul, a sigh if you will, perhaps the calm before the storm. perhaps the still before the stir, the numb before the pain, anyhoo.............hope 2008 is going to be exciting full of new foods, new friends, new experiences, new bushes, new hump partners, new licks and especially new treats. What the world needs next year is definetly a new treat. Who knows it might even be Hillary. now that would be a treat kids. As you can tell from this pic i'm very excited about the coming year. DONT HATE, APPECIATE IN 08 P.s. Who is old lange zine? -BOO